Panterito becomes supporting member of a tip: tap


Drinking tap water instead of bottled water makes sense and a difference. Here you will find a summary of the most important arguments as to why exactly – featured by a tip: tap e.V., a Berlin-based association that does strong work for tap water consumption. A tip: tap offers educational and counselling services ranging from day-care centre visits to assistance for businesses. They create new public drinking places together with the water suppliers of Wasserwende, but also by winning cooperators for new refill stations. And last but not least, they are a strong voice through their public relations and lobbying work.

That is why we at Panterito have decided to become a funding partner of the associationin addition to the project funding of Wasserwende. This is particularly important, among other things, because a tip: tap has to make a contribution of its own in order to receive public funding for its projects. Each donated euro can thus be increased tenfold on average.

What do they intend to do with it? The new edition and further development of their project Wasserwende. In this way, the association will spread its work further beyond Berlin and offer regional initiatives tools and assistance in adopting the tried and tested concepts that work. You can find out more about the interim status and outlook for Wasserwende, as well as many direct links to what a tip: tap has to offer, here.