Panterito at WeCanHelp

Most of us will buy Christmas presents. And very many of us will do so online during this time. A small detour makes it possible to create added value:

Who goes from the portal WeCanHelp to the respective onlineshop, generates automatically donations for a non-profit organization of her or his choice. More than 6,000 online stores – including most of the big ones – are involved, so there is a high probability that the shop where you want to buy something is listed there. The donation is comparable to the referral bonus if you click on recommendations in a blog. The amount varies depending on the store and the purchase price, but averages out at 6%, which is quite a lot when we think of the sales that come together during the Christmas business. Everyone should decide for themselves when the little detour is worthwhile.

There are no additional costs this way. You do not have to register. I did not have to block any advertising blockers during my test. And there are many organizations to choose from, both the big ones like WWF and Oxfam and most likely the gymnastics club or the local red cross association around your corner.

Just a little warning: The site is unfortunately infinitely ugly, but since you don´t want to stay there…*

– Click on the link above (Panterito is already preselected)
– Find the online store where you want to shop, select it and shop normally. The only condition: the shopping cart must not be filled before, but that is clear…

We would be happy if you remember that when buying your christmas presents and take the small detour!


*Maybe a worthwhile task for a frontend designer in short-time work… Do you know one?