One crew one tree


Project start on a historic date: On today’s global Climate Day, countless people, together with Fridays For Future, set an example for a radical change of direction in climate policy as well as all areas of society. There are no excuses: it is high time to act.

The perfect day to start the project ONE CREW ONE TREE. As of today, the company will donate a tree to event staff artlogic for every paperless order that is processed. It is particularly nice that the international branches participate in this project as well.

Panterito will accompany ONE CREW ONE TREE in the concept phase as well as the implementation and will support the selection of reforestation projects. This is already the second joint project. artlogic has already, in cooperation with Panterito, been compensating its CO2 emissions for several years through an agroforestry project in Panama.

The next goal is to extend this concept to other sectors.