The Climate Bet

The latest IPCC report has underlined it once again: We must achieve a clear change of direction in order not to miss the 2 degree target as well – and we must do it now.
The message of the campain The Climate Bet is that we as a society are ready to do this. Together with a wide variety of actors, the goal is to achieve a saving of one million tonnes of CO2 by the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow at the end of October. Participants can be private individuals as well as companies or municipalities – and not only in Germany.

It can be neutralised through various selected projects for the current CO2 price of 25€ per tonne. But you can also actively save it yourself through various easily realisable measures. It is worth taking a look just for the classification of the measures: What CO2 price tag is attached to changing one’s bank account or the tyres on one’s car?

The initiative has just cracked the first 10,000 tonnes. Is the million still realistic then? No matter, the important thing is that the sign in the direction of politics has as many exclamation marks as possible. That’s why Panterito is on board! Are you with us?

By the way, the campaign is supported by the small association 3 Fürs Klima e.V. and backed by the Federal Environment Agency and countless other organisations and individuals.